My Organic Lifestyle

Living an organic lifestyle or living a clean lifestyle has become so popular in the recent years.
Is it just a trend? We hope not!
Really though. . . this is how people used to live and how I really believe people should live. Cleaning up your body is crucial in living a longer, healthier life.
You must care for and nurture your body, it is the only place you will live forever.

Of course, people have their own way of clean living. . . here is mine.

My Most Important Rule: Eat REAL Food

You must eat unprocessed, whole foods. Preferably organic.
Many vegetables may come from farms which use pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). We do NOT want those chemicals in our bodies!
Try to stick with organically and locally grown foods whenever possible. Locally, because foods that come from further away locations usually need to have some sort of preservative to keep them fresh.
Try to shop at your local farmer’s market.

Always read your labels!
Do your homework! Do NOT put any kind of ingredient in your body that you cannot pronounce. “If you don not recognize an ingredient, your body won’t either.”

Instead of just tossing these foods back on the shelf, try to find a healthy and satisfying alternative. . . What do we mean?

– Instead of fries, try baked zucchini
– Instead of white rice, try Quinoa or Farro
– Instead of pizza dough, try cauliflower pizza crust
– Instead of potato chips, try sugar snap peas & hummus
– Instead of M&Ms or Skittles, try frozen red grapes

You get the picture . . . just focus on ‘replace’ and not ‘remove’.

Eventually you will start to reach for those healthier alternatives, without thinking twice. AND you will stop craving those unhealthy snacks.

Enjoy the journey to living an organic lifestyle!
(Stay tuned for more ways to live YOUR organic life)

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